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My audiovisual services.


I primarily offer short videos of approximately 1 minute that aim to convey your message in the most simple, effective, and attention-grabbing way. This format is suitable for all types of projects and messages.

Services include:

• Project Design: Define your expectations and specifications.
• Shooting Process: Time for filming will vary as required for your project.
• Post-Production: Video editing and Motion Design.
• Use of Music: Free of rights.
• Video Duration: 1 Minute
• Video Resolution: Full HD 1920x1080 (25 fps).
• Output Device: Video file (.mp4) by download link.

FROM  350€ Excl. Tax * 

The above is an estimate based
on the needs of an average project; prices may vary.
VAT not applicable, article 293 B of the CGI.
(TVA non applicable, art. 293 B du CGI.)


 The Smartphone Format   

  The Interview Format   

  Longer Video   

The Smartphone Format consists of cropping your video from 16:9 (full-screen) into a 1:1 format. A vertical format is also available as an option.

This format is recommended for messages you want to spread through social network media, as it is more suitable for reading on a smartphone.

This format, combined with videos of 15 second maximum duration, is preferred by some advertisers for its ability to grab viewers’ attention.

The Interview Format is ideal for exploring the features of your product, project, or event.

The Interview offers time to explain the ins and outs of your message or product, concretely and in some depth.

This format is generally punctuated with illustration shots that bring the speaker and your message to life.

Are you considering a longer video for your project? Does your project require special or different formats or features ?

No problem! I invite you to contact me to discuss your project further.

I am open to any type of project, whatever its length or whatever your ambition!

FROM  80€ Excl. Tax 

 Contact for Estimate 

 Contact for Estimate 


Motion Design (or Motion Graphic Design) is the use of animated visuals in audiovisual media, such as animated titles, animated banners, or animated transitions.

Motion Design can create fluidity between sequences, and can even convey short messages by themselves.

Your project can include Motion Design elements (in 2D only) if you wish ! I also process requests for Motion Design alone.

Various examples.

In addition to the proposed video services, I can also work on a single link in the production chain.

(Rest assured, hitman is not in the list)


Do you need a cameraman for a recording, or a cinematographer for a shoot ?


Do you already have images, and instead need a video editor for one of your projects ?


Do you need a photographer for a shoot or to cover an event ?